Drivers like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Lewis Hamilton use sim racing to get faster and win real races, honing their skills in a cheap and safe way. While this rig appears to lack the motion-sensitive seat, the Xbox one simulator, for example, has the option of using between 1 and 3 screens which offers an almost full directional viewing and enables race positioning and vehicle info add another level of realism to the whole gaming experience.


A great Xbox one simulator can virtually transfer a die-hard racing game fan into a real time race driver, experiencing all the elements of break neck speeds in perfect harmony. Racing simulators are the weakness of everyone who is crazy about sim racing game experience and that is why manufacturers have come up with some really good ones in the past and even better ones for the evident present. Nothing satisfies ones gaming thirst but a complete package of simulation enhanced by gaming simulators and sound that makes the whole experience exhilarating.


Everyone has dreamt of getting behind the wheel of a sleek machine before pushing both it and themselves to the limits of endurance as they race at top speeds in extreme competition with other racers. But only a few people actually get to do that. But with technology being what it is, you don’t even have to have a driver’s license to get some of the thrills associated with professional racing. How can this be? This can be achieved with a state of the art Xbox one simulator. Of course, some of sim racing machines out there are almost as sophisticated (and expensive) as the real thing, so you might be better off just renting some space on your local racetrack. But after you’re done doing that once, wouldn’t it be cool to come home to something almost as exciting in your living room? Or you could put it in your bedroom, no one will judge you.


Now before you dive in and just buy an Xbox one simulator, keep in mind that there are a few characteristics that a sim racing machine should meet. First of all, it would be great to find an Xbox one simulator that has a car racing seat, which is able to slide and recline back and forth, so you can find the perfect racing position and comfort, and, which can accommodate all kinds of people: from children to full grown adults. Amongst the desired features you should find: swiveling keyboard and mouse stand, adjustable pedal position and gear shifter position, adjustable seat height, and it should be able to hold up to 3 screens.


The moment you find a sim racing machine that meets all these requirements, buy it and never let it go!

Are you sick and tired of experiencing your favorite racing video games from the other side of the controller? Do you need something more so you can experience your car racing game to the fullest ? Well, you should be happy to find out that you can purchase a top-notch Xbox one simulator. The only downside of owning a sim racing machine is that you will never want to stop playing so make sure you find some time for your friends too!