Lots of dog owner’s travel with their pets in a car or truck. They simply place them on the back seat or on the lap without considering their security. Driving a car without transportation facilities such as car cages, seat belt or something similar to these products is not safe both for the dog and for you. It is a common sight on the road that dogs, putting their heads outside the window of the car and enjoying the breeze. This practice, in addition to representing a risk to the dog and to other passengers, can also result in a fine of around £130.00 or vehicle impoundment.


There is a reason for humans to use seat belts, and the same goes for the pets! In the case of a sudden braking, or even in an accident, if the animal is released, he will be thrown with a force, more than 20 times its weight. This can hypothetically cause severe injuries or even death. For example, a dog with 5 kilos, travelling at 50 km/h can be thrown and hit whoever is in front with an impact of 100 kg. Furthermore, the dog can die immediately. The transport of animals is a serious thing! It is also prohibited to drive with a dog on the lap. There are several ways to drive with a dog safely. Car cages are one among those facilities that offer wonderful safety to your beloved pet.


Pet taxis are becoming very common these days. These are cars that are equipped with safety, transportation facilities like car cages. If this service is not available in your area, you could consider buying dog car cages for your dogs. In addition to dog car cages, it is also possible to buy seat belts to seat your animal in your car. There is a wide range of products that allow safe animal transportation. Most are intended for dogs up to 10 kg, and can be a bit tricky to find a product suitable for heavy dogs, but believe, they exist!


It is interesting but the cheap product that you could consider using while transporting your dog is a transportation box. If you have a smaller dog, you can consider small bags or car seats similar to those of babies. However, cages of dogs are considered as one of the best products that offer utmost safety for your pets. Many owners do not like to use it, and they think that the animals may feel confined, but are quite safe and easy to find.

When you think of animal transportation, the first image that comes to mind is this little box. The product is safe, with openings and well ventilated, and is a great option. Even if you choose dog car cages, remember that it is necessary to fasten it to the seat of the car.


To find the ideal box, you must choose one that is suitable for the size of the pet. If you think that a bigger cage is better for a smaller dog, then you are wrong. Lots of space may provoke accidents during accidents.

What is the best way to transport your dog? Most professionals prefer you choose Car Cages ? They are safe and offer great support for your dog. In addition, Dog Car Cages are available in various sizes and shapes.