19 October 2019, Bangalore: Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai, Excessive back and neck pain, neck pain that extends to the shoulder or arm, weakness of arms or legs, and numbness of arms, hands, or fingers, all these are common symptoms of cervical spine disease.  Some of the common reasons causing spine deformity are arthritis, disc herniation, accidental fractures or tumors, and bone spurs, which can create pressure on the spinal cord.

This kind of abnormal pressure on the spinal cord cannot be controlled through medicine or general physiotherapy. Therefore, cervical spine surgery is the only solution in such a condition to remove the pressure on the spine and nerve. After surgery and proper rehab & rest, the spinal cord heals, and eventually, that resolves the previous symptoms.

Why choose Cervical spine surgery hospitals in Chennai?

Many Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai are certified and are equipped to perform international standard spine surgeries. Some of the Top Cervical Spine Surgery Hospitals in Chennai include Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Malar Hospital, Vijaya Hospital, Gleneagles Global Hospital, BRS Hospital, Medway Medical Center, Parvathy Hospital, Kauvery Hospital, ASTRA Ortho n Spine Center, and so on. All of the hospitals are specialized in offering exclusive surgical treatment to high-risk patients.

The hospitals are at the forefront of providing different cervical spine surgery - both invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures. Being such a medical hub, Chennai attracts many international patients. A combination of high-quality and affordable treatment packages is also very much helpful, and attracting patients from all over the world.

Much medical tourism service providing organizations are there in India to assist the foreign patients to get doctors’ appointments, suitable treatment packages. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is one such organization that helps the overseas patients to get affordable Cervical Spine Surgery treatment facilities along with other vital assistance like medical visa arrangement, ticket bookings, language translators, accommodation.

About Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants: Dheeraj Bojwani group offers attractive spine surgery packages. They offer the best in class medical tourism service to overseas patients at affordable prices. They have a network of well-equipped hospitals all over India, along with experienced and skilled neurosurgeons to provide top-notch treatment packages at a very affordable price.

Dheeraj Bojwani group is very much concern about excellent diagnostic and therapeutic care in almost every specialization of the surgical and diagnostic treatment facility. The internationally trained doctors and surgeons are connected with the organization to offer cutting-edge cervical spine surgery in India. They always make sure that your healing journey is safe and hassle-free.

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