04, August 2016: Skateboarding is one of popular sports among young people. They often make use of spare time and play it on an open place. Recently, a brand-new skateboard has broken the silence of skateboarding word, which is Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard. Besides fully satisfying skateboarders’ passion, Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard is able to run on some bumpy roads smoothly and stably. How could it do that? The following unveils the secret.


In order to give skateboarders the best sliding experience, Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard adopts four branded tyres. These tyres are wider and thicker. Then, there are bigger contact surfaces between tyres and ground, which paves the way for stronger road holding capacity and more excellent skid resistance. In the meantime, these features are also helpful to guarantee stable and smooth sliding. In addition, the front and rear wheels of Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard have been equipped with PU material damper mass, which is the key of smooth and stable sliding. Such a damper mass is able to absorb the bumps on road. Fosjoas K1 motorized skateboard adopts module design. For example, if one PU material damper mass is dysfunctional, the other one can work normally and efficiently, which largely ensures stable sliding.


The working principle of Fosjoas K1 wireless remote control skateboard is also good to make sure smooth and stable riding. Different from ordinary skateboards, Fosjoas K1 wireless remote control skateboard keeps itself balanced by adopted aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. Then, Fosjoas K1 skateboard can accurately and quickly recognize what riders want to do according to their body inclination. For instance, if riders slightly lean forward, Fosjoas K1 skateboard will move forward automatically. Therefore, the smoothly riding becomes possible. All in all, Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard has made great innovation in skateboarding sector.

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