09, October 2015: These days, with more and more Airwheel electric scooters being launched, the model by Airwheel has gradually gained a substantial wave of publicity. It is a two-wheeled electric vehicle powered by electricity, which is steered via the body movements of riders. Riders need to lean from side to side to control the direction of the transport. Due to its remarkable characteristics in aspects of tires, speed and agility, it has accumulated a big pool of users


In terms of the selection on tires, all the self-balancing scooters by Airwheel are equipped with durable natural Cheng Shin tires so that the vehicles can handle any bumps or uneven objects they are faced with on the road. On that account, the safety of riders will be well ensured, which is of great significance in transportation.

When it comes to speed, many people would think such a two-wheeled scooter can hardly reach a satisfying speed. However, aligned with the concept of individual transport, Airwheel intelligent scooter is able to reach a speed up to 18 km per hour, which is quite enough for daily travelling. What’s more, as to Airwheel, it is very important to prevent riders from any harm during the ride apart from guaranteeing a sufficient speed. Therefore, through the setting of intelligent chip built inside, it offers speed limit protection to riders. When riders hit the restricted speed of Airwheelelectric scooter, the transport will ring an alarm to warn the riders of latent risk.


Because of its simple design, Airwheel intelligent scooter enables riders to have a sharp and agile ride. The transport is small and light, which is thus rather portable. Riders are able to go through any small streets or even go down stairs. On the contrary, a car driver can never do that.

Airwheel electric scooter is such a fast and agile transport that has gained popularity among consumers.

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