After reading the latest news, you may think twice about getting the Whooping Cough vaccine.

New Lenox, Il, 10/16/2015 -- According to the online research of the Whooping Cough conducted by James Matthew indicates that the risks of getting Whooping Cough are less damaging than getting the Whooping Cough vaccine, also known as a Tdap vaccine.

The health consequences resulting from Tdap vaccines are encephalitis, brain damage and death. Another report made by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) states that the numerous health risks associated with the Tdap vaccine, and DTap vaccine are currently used in the United States and replaced the DTP vaccine used as of 1996. All three vaccines mentioned contain the dangerous pertussis toxin with unsafe chemicals and other additives.

You may be asking yourself "What do I do?"
As James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives, LLC said, "I would not give my children the Whooping Cough vaccine(, I would not take the vaccine myself. In fact, I don't believe in taking any vaccines."
"I have never taken any vaccines since I was a child. I have not been sick, not even a cold or the flu in at least 25 years. However I am a Vegan, I don't think or worry about getting sick so I believe that is why I never get sick."

James Matthew said, "Now starting as of the beginning of 2015, we, meaning Miracle Alternatives, LLC have several machine that are made to prevent, and or eradicate unwanted health conditions including sickness, illness, pain, disease, viruses and this would include Whooping Cough as well."

"In fact the machines I am referring to are safe for all ages. Furthermore, I think every family should own one of the following machines in order to protect them from a any unwanted dangerous health condition."
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Summary: The machines that James Matthew is referring to all focus on stabilizing the vibration frequencies of the trillions of cells that make up we as human beings. The Miracle Rife Machine, the Miracle Globe Machine, the Miracle Gen Machine, and the Pyroenergen II Machine(

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