15, July 2016: Just imagine, when other people are anxiously waiting for bus or subway, you are whooshing across the crowd leisurely by the vehicles that free from the traffic congestion. At the same time, you can incidentally appreciate the beautiful view of morning and start a brand new day in a good mood. Which one will you choose: bike or electric scooter?

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“Low-carbon travel, green and environmentally-friendly” becomes a brand-new life concept and travel mode, which is highly praised in modern society. On the weekend, go out and appreciate the outside beautiful scenery. Do not always stay at home, like a poor bachelor. Do not believe that staying home, surfing the internet or sleeping can help you have a good rest and renew your body, which, in fact, will lower down your immunity. With bikes or electric scooter, you can go to outdoors, like park, scenic spot or shopping mall, and let you breathe fresh air. It is a real low-carbon travel, which reduces pollution for world and brings green to future.


In order to carry out such an important scheme that symbolizes the civilization and progress of city smoothly, the government of every region has built public bike rental system and hopes to implement of strengthening ecological civilization construction. The aim of public bike rental system is to promote low-carbon travel, relief traffic pressure, and improve urban residents’ health. While, the eco-friendly electric scooter can achieve the same purposes.


Among the scooter brands, Airwheel enjoys a high reputation. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is equipped with magnetic levitation motor to minimize the noise. With no air or noise pollution, Airwheel makes your low-carbon transport environmentally-friendly and offers a new way to enjoy a natural life. Also, it is powered by electricity, riding Airwheel is much labour-saving.


For ordinary office workers, the biggest suffering is the muddleheaded and spiritual tiredness after a daylong work. It is a sub-health status, which is caused by lack of exercise. Actually, very few people are willing to brace themselves up and take exercise after a daylong hard work, which results in the vicious circle of the tiredness. In terms of commuting, Airwheel electric walkcar is much more suitable for workers. Decide your vehicle according to your demands.

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