01, June 2016: From its establishment on, Airwheel pushed out a variety of products, involving the electric unicycle, twin-wheeled electric scooter and double-wheels electric scooter. Airwheel offers a free and economical vehicle. One does not have to think about the traffic since they can go just about anywhere. One does not need to park them in the street since they can be brought into the building. One does not need to go to a professional for maintenance. That is why Airwheel intelligent electric scooter holds a large market share in this sector.

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Up to now, not only the Airwheel X-series, Q-series and S-series are enjoying the great popularity all over the world, but also the latest M series and Z series. There are six series of different products almost twenty models of intelligent electric scooters. Which one do you prefer? Different models of Airwheel need different level of riding. Airwheel X-series and Q series are suitable for those players who have a keen enthusiasm and perseverance.


But not everyone is able to steer in that way. Airwheel aims to let more players enjoy the fun of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. For the purpose, Airwheel developed the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter to meet different demands in the current market. The latest Airwheel S8 and S9 two wheel saddle-equipped electric self-balancing scooter push the level of design and innovation a new high. M series and Z series are designed from the tradition. Airwheel M3 combines the fun and utility perfectly, with the magnetic levitation motor and 2.4G remote control. Airwheel Z3 and Z5 are foldable electric scooters to save as much space as possible.


Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter has been keeping itself innovative and will keep this spirit up for a long time. You can choose the right and desirable electric scooter from Airwheel according to your own level and interest.

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