16, March 2016: With the fast development of Airwheel electrics scooters, more and more people would like to ride this kind of transportation tool. It is certain that each fan of Airwheel electric scooters must have his own the most favorite one and the electric scooters are not only a trendy and fashionable transportation tools but also the integral part of the life.


After graduation, Erika worked for a steel company as an engineer. She is also the fan of Airwheel electric scooters but in her mind M3 maple electric skateboard is her favorite one. She keeps an eye for the new released products of Airwheel and finally decides to buy M3 for herself. Sometimes, she will drive M3 to go to work for avoiding rush hours’ traffic jams while sometimes she loves to ride it to relax herself. With the 2.4G wireless remote control, M3 can bring her excited experience. Her M3 looks very good since she makes DIY for it with patterns in different colors.

Dominic is a designated driver who has to drive customers to their home. However he always misses the buses or subways at midnight. His wife loves Dominic and knows this situation so she gives him a 2 wheeled electric scooter Z3. Dominic feels very happy since Z3 helps him solve the big problem. It is fair to say that Z3 is the most suitable one for Dominic.


On one hand, Z3 has multiple folding systems so that Dominic can put it into the trunk after folding the pedals, operating arm and the connections between the front wheels and pedals. On the other hand, Z3 has the longer endurance due to the replaceable battery design for providing a smooth riding.

Lisa always walks her cute dog in her spare time. She lives a very happy and leisure life in a small city. Speaking of the electric scooter, Lisa is very interested in the saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter S6. It is full of fun to walk her dog by sitting on S6.

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