China - The purchasing of people for Wall Panel should not just care for the popular trend of the products. However, the quality for these wall decoration objects is also very important. The using for high-quality Terracotta Wall Panel could let the construction process become very simple and the effect of the final laying out is also very good. The high quality Terracotta Panel is smooth and beautiful and it could also help people save time and materials. In that case, the selection for Terracotta Wall Panel in the purchasing process is very important. Today, the sale manager from best China manufacturer for Terracotta Tile and Terracotta Louver which website is would teach people some necessary points which consumers should take into consideration in the purchasing process.


This refer to the smoothly degree of the surface of Terracotta Tile. The smoothly level of the surface for wall panel has directly influence with the paving of this product. The Terracotta Tile with high flatness level could not have the surface bending and surface tough angle which could make the paving become very simple.

Color Difference

If people want to judge whether the Terracotta Tile has color difference or not, people could put Wall Panel some pieces of Terracotta Panel on the flat ground and make them up to one square meters. After this process, people should view the Terracotta panel with three meters distance and see whether there are different shades of color convergence feeling. If not, it means that there are no color differences. The Terracotta Tile without color difference could give people¡¯s eyes beautiful enjoyment


The glaze of the Terracotta Panel should be uniform, smooth, neat, clean, delicate, beautiful and consistent color. If the surface of the panel products has particles or uneven thickness, it could be said that this product is poor products.


The hardness is another crucial point for the good quality Terracotta Tile and Panels. People could careful observe whether the broken surface of the panel is loose or fine, whether the color is consistent or not and whether there contains particles or not. If people¡¯s answers are all former one, this is to say that the quality of this product is very poor.

However, these four points would be very useful for people who want to purchase the Terracotta Tile at the genuine shops. On the other hand, the products with famous brand such as should be also the guarantee of the quality of panel.

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