China - When we have finished a busy day, all of us want to back to home and enjoy ourselves on our home furniture such as the leather sofa and relax chair. The seat of the sofa should have the comfortable. The sitting surface and backrest of the leather sofa should be suitable for human physiological structure. If the area of the room is smaller, the Florence Knoll Leather Sofa which has the functions of both sitting and lying is the good choice for us. As we all know, the furniture is the important part of our life. In every corner of our life, we have always seen the furniture such as the dining furniture, hotel furniture and the home furniture. So we could not say that we could live without the furniture.

Today, the Huateng Furniture, which is the famous Chinese furniture manufacturing center in China, would teach you the most important point for the selection for the sofa. If we want to buy the suitable sofa, we should firstly consider the height of the leather sofa. The seat surface height of sofa should be equal to the person's lower leg plus the height of heal or slightly lower than the height of the heel. The height is about 35 to 42 cm.

If the seat surface is too much higher, it will make feet vacant and then the weight of the torso will be pressure on the legs, the back muscle of us will be tension. If this kind of situation have lasting for a long time, the muscles of the legs and back will have the feeling of unbearable sore. Such this kind of situation would also make back muscles are in an unnatural state and the bearing surface of the thighs will be reduced. So we must consider this factor as the first thing when we want to buy the leather sofa.

There is not only the sofa. Other Florence Knoll Leather Sofa  such as the hotel furniture also has this kind of attention point. We should take care of it. On the other hand, the height problem is based on the height of you and your family. It is Varies from person to person. If you want to have more information about this area, we recommend you to browse the website . You will get anything about the furniture on it.For older people, the height of the sofa should be moderate. If it is too low, the action of sitting down and standing up is not convenient.

On the other hand, for the newlyweds, they should buy sofa and take into account future safety and durability for their child. And there cannot have the hard and sharp edges and corners. On the other hand, the color should be bright and lively.As we all know, the small room is suitable with the smaller wood sofa or the Florence Knoll Leather Sofa.

In general, the dining furniture  and panton chair is also good choice for the small room. It would make the room more leaving space. We should put the large sofa such as the Florence Knoll Leather Sofa into the large living room. It will be more convenient and comfortable for us to use it.

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