With all of us having such busy lifestyles, it is evident that more people are engaged in professional occupation than before, which is why travelling is necessitated. This unprecedented growth in the total number of people on the roadways is one of the major causes of such high rate of automobile accidents and the growing count of car repair Brampton shops. A market research conducted in Canada estimated that some millions of cars are added to the existing numbers every year. Of this, half the car owners are injured in severe auto accidents, of which two million are fatal and permanent. The report stated that collision repair Brampton companies have multiplied in count over the last few years following this hike.


Canadian Auto Accident Statistics puts up a very high number of automobile related deaths in the recent years. Statistics state that accidents occur every 12 minutes. The alarming rate of accidents calls for car repair and its niche services. According to the online encyclopaedia, the vehicle breakdown is due to a major mechanical failure that prevents the car from operating seamlessly. The breakdown can be caused by accidents and impeded vehicle’s operative capabilities. Sometimes the cars need to be towed into the automobile collision repair Brampton shop. With Canada going high on the number of accidents, seeking car repair Brampton services is indispensable for companies and single users.  


The reason why the respondents sometimes hesitate to head for a repair job is by thinking that car repair shops actually rip them off their money. There is however wrong for the collision repair Brampton companies that are hoping to tip the scales towards a more consumer-end approach and provide a feasible arrangement. Websites have been introduced by companies with technicians and analysts who spend hours in evaluating the car damages and their need for replacement. The car repair Brampton companies provide a quote for the car repair and ensure that the procedure is seamless.


This year, a research by an automotive information and marketing firm, established that the average age of the car has reduced to 10.8 years. This established that there are people who will need repairs on a regular basis. Since the conundrum between purchasing new cars and going for repair exists in everyone, one should ask the following questions to understand whether the car is worth keeping.

-             What do research studies imply? Sometimes a simple evaluation will help in taking the right decision.

-             What will be the overall cost of the repair? This can be evaluated by sending the car to the local collision repair Brampton shop.

-             Whether the repair will actually extend the performance of the car?

-             If the car is not repaired, what will be its market value?

-             Will the repair cost more than a new car?

Answering all these questions will help in determining whether a new car should be bought or the car should be sent for refurbishing to a car repair Brampton company.


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