Greenwich, CT — The bureaucrats in Washington should know better; trying to stop CIA Agent Jordan Sandor when he’s out for revenge is like trying to stop a tsunami with words! In Sandor’s world the usual rules just don’t apply when it comes to defending his country’s freedom. Just get out of his way…and the only ones to get hurt will be the bad guys!

Hitting the #30 spot on Amazon Kindle’s Mystery/Thriller/Suspense categories, Targets of Revenge (Gallery Books) is third in Jeffrey S. Stephens’ riveting ‘Targets’ series. Due to its popularity, Amazon is now offering a promotional price for all three in the series. Following Targets of Deception and Targets of Opportunity, the latest novel tracks Sandor into the heart of the Venezuelan jungle in hot pursuit of Adina, a cold-blooded homicidal mastermind who leaves a trail of death behind him, only now he’s added one of Sandor’s close friends to his list of victims. Big mistake; don’t ever underestimate Sandor, a human bloodhound, who once he picks up the scent won’t let go until he gets revenge — and it’s not gonna be pretty!

After discovering the latest murderous plan being hatched by the ruthless terrorist, Sandor chases clues around the globe, but his unconventional methods land him on Interpol’s radar and earn him a spot on their list of top international fugitives. When he learns that New York City is the selected target for a catastrophic attack, he once again puts his life on the line to protect his countrymen.

While the plots of all three books are vastly different, the one similarity they share from beginning to end is addictive, adrenaline-pumping action. Readers can’t get enough of their hero Sandor’s exploits, saying it’s his sheer determination and defiance of his superiors that keeps them rooting for him. While being compared to the style of Clancy and Ludlum, it is undoubtedly Stephens’ own unique writing style that takes readers racing from one heart-stopping moment to the next, unable to stop reading but dreading reaching the end.

Jeffrey S. Stephens, author of this highly popular Jordan Sandor series (Targets of Deception, Targets of Opportunity and now Targets of Revenge), is a native New Yorker who began his career as a novelist while working in private practice as a lawyer. He resides in Greenwich, CT, with wife Nancy, and they enjoy spending time with their two sons. Jeff welcomes visitors to his website at

Targets of Revenge
ISBN-13: 9781451688726
ISBN-10: 1451688725

Targets of Opportunity
ISBN-10: 1451624328
ISBN-13: 978-1451624328

Targets of Deception
ISBN-10: 1935142127
ISBN-13: 978-1935142126


Reviews for all three books:

Kirkus Reviews: “An attorney, Stephens lays out his story in orderly fashion, with one action scene neatly following another. The pace of [the book] is Bourne-like…The tale maintains our interest… [Targets of Revenge] is skillfully rendered…”

Suspense Magazine: “A globe-trotting adventure…Targets of Revenge is like a big summer action movie. There are last-second escapes, plot twists, and double crosses that keep the plot moving quickly… [Sandor] is the CIA version of Dirty Harry. [Book] has the general atmosphere of a Roger Moore BOND film… Anyone who has enjoyed the first two will want to read Sandor’s latest adventure.”

Vince Flynn, #1 New York Times bestseller: “Explosive…a ripping good yarn.”

Booklist: “The novel reads like the early work of Robert Ludlum, especially during the intense action sequences…those who enjoy plots revolving around covert CIA action will stick with this one to the end.”

Books World: “Targets of Revenge leaves your heart pounding, again reminding us in terrifying detail that there are many who will go to any length to attack the United States.”

Steve Berry, #1 New York Times bestseller: “A pulse-pounding treat.”

Publishers Weekly: “In Stephens’s solid John Sandor thriller [Targets of Deception]…The explosive finale will leave readers more than satisfied.”

Steve Alten, NY Times best-selling author of Meg: “Stephens takes the reader on a fast-paced tale of international intrigue and suspense in [Targets of Deception]. With a terrific lead character in Jordan Sandor, and many plot twists, I look forward to watching Stephens develop as a top-notch author.”

Robert K. Tanenbaum, Bestselling Author of Capture, Malice, Escape, etc: “Stephens is a writer to watch. His first book, Targets of Deception, is a very solid, fast paced thriller that carries the reader on a globe-trotting adventure into the world of counter-terrorism. We will want more of CIA agent Jordan Sandor.” “Move over Jason Bourne, I want Jordan Sandor! I not only enjoyed the book, but also liked the character…There is humor and a very human kindness, too.”

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