Election frenzy has gripped the state, with the crucial state assembly poll results knocking at the door, tensions and expectations are at its peak. The sheer numbers of the electorate have exercised their voting right, the contemporary political situation and the local ground-level political realities have unnerved all major political parties. Everyone is anticipating a stable government to come to power. Keeping the viewers updated about the final results, IBN-Lokmat will have an exclusive analysis & every minute update of the counting day, in ‘Faisla Maharashtracha’ on Sunday 19th Oct 2014, 7.00am onwards. The presenting sponsor for Kaul Maharshtracha is Mahindra Rise and the Associate Sponsors are ELF Moto-Total, Prince Pipes, Baidhyanath Pin quit & Nissan.

IBN-Lokmat will bring to you each and everything you need to and want to know about the counting day of Maharashtra state elections, with their reporters not missing a single second of the happenings on the d-day of counting. Panel of experts will bring you in-depth coverage and comprehensive analysis of the counting day.

With each party trying its best to woo the voters, what will be interesting to watch is who emerges victorious in the ultimate battle. Tune into IBN Lokmat to get live updates, analysis and opinions in the one and only show ‘Faisla Maharashtracha’ on Sunday 19th October 2014, 7.00 am onwards