A lot of people can’t understand the difference between serviced apartments Manchester and self catering apartments Manchester. Some often think that these two are the same, but they are in fact very different. Despite the fact that they share some things in common, the part where you have to do some things on your own is what differentiates these two accommodations.


Serviced apartments are all about having your own space that makes it feel almost like being at home. Thus, you will be comfortable having a living room and bedroom all by yourself. This makes it easier for you to live and even work with minimum interference from other guests. You will have most of the things you use in your home, such as a television, refrigerator, washing machine, and so on. The added advantage that sets them apart from the self-catering apartments is that you will have room service, which will ensure that your apartment is always cleaned. These facilities make them more of a hotel but with the perks of living at home.


Self-catering apartments have the same amenities like the serviced apartments, but the room service is not provided here. Thus, you will have to cook as well as do the cleaning by yourself while staying at the self catering apartments Manchester. Most of the homeowners who offer their properties for this purpose often have the rooms cleaned for the arriving guests. The guests find some cleaning products available for their use and thus they are expected to cater not only to their needs, but also to the cleanliness of the apartment. They are expected to leave the apartment in the same manner they found it upon arrival.


When booking for a serviced apartment, it is advisable to ask for the type of amenities provided by a particular facility. The above-mentioned amenities are common, but you can get even more. Room service will normally entail getting the apartment cleaned as well as having the bed linens and kitchen washed. You may also have someone to make your meals if you wish to.


Thus, the type of services you will get will outweigh the amenities provided. You may find one apartment that has great amenities but poor services. For example, the room is never cleaned and maybe only the trash gets cleaned out. So you should try to look for reviews of a specific place you have in mind or ask for recommendations though this might be hard. Otherwise, going online will help you find some reviews of serviced apartments Manchester.


There are different types of rooms allocated for specific use. If you have a large family, you may resort to using a self-catering apartment with either two or three bedrooms. If you are only staying on your own, it is best to go for studio apartments that have one very large room, called a unit that houses a living room, kitchen and bathroom in one area. Studio apartments are also inexpensive just like serviced apartments.

Knowing the difference between serviced apartments Manchester and self catering apartments Manchester will help you make the most out of your stay in Manchester.