Austin, Texas — Craziness is an understatement when describing the atmosphere at SXSW. There are massive amounts of people everywhere downtown Austin! But despite the large crowds, the mindStart team is having a great time meeting, connecting and learning from other convention attendees. One of the more interesting things we’ve learned is that SX is not as much about finding a relevant event to attend, the issue lies more in deciding between which of numerus relevant events (all occurring at the same time) we would like to attend more.

SXSW is in full swing and it is proven by the escalating cost to park downtown - parking rates doubled from Thursday to Friday. It is easy as an attendee to become overwhelmed by all the events and opportunity that SX provides. The best way we have found to plan your days is not plan too far in advance - hold the schedule open-handed and allow for last-minute changes and new opportunities.

Sarah David, Director at mindStart states “You have to be strategic in how to use your time. There are over 4,000 events during SXSW, from speakers, to parties, to corporate open houses and concerts.  It’s literally overwhelming.  And you never know at what event you’ll encounter the perfect networking opportunity.  As an Austin-based company, its great in that I can literally meet someone in the morning and host them at our office later that day to meet our tech savvy customer support team.  SXSW brings together a unique mix of people and ideas like no other event in the world.”

Here at mindStart, we are determined to change today’s norms of the customer service outsourcing industry. Providing a hospitable and calming experience that exceeds customer expectations is exactly what we have been doing for over 10 years. With a 98% client satisfaction rate, mindStart succeeds at wowing our customers. This is thanks to the genuine care and interest that we have in the person that is calling, emailing, texting or chatting with our associates. That is what makes us different. We’re not a typical contact center, and clients aren’t just clients. We become an indispensable extension of their team.  Further, our unique billing model has proven to be a great fit for the emerging technology company.

mindStart provides individual, unique, and outstanding customer support services however or client’s customers want to engage.  We create solutions to reduce the number of contacts (and cost) by offering self-service resources, enabling our clients to start small, and grow with us.  Our low minimums, and low startup costs make us a great fit for emerging companies, and our tech savvy care associates readily grasp IoT and other connected consumer product devices. mindStart, formerly known as Snoflake Solutions, is based and operates in Austin, Texas.

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