One of the new company to enter into the market of electronic cigarette is the Vaporfi pulse. However despite being new to this industry, they offer some of the top quality electronic cigarettes in the market. The international vapor group owns Vaporfi pulse and they have some of the most remarkable electronic cigarettes in the world. Vaporfi pulse is one of their top product which has an innovative design with great eGo style batteries and state of art cartomizers. What’s more is that they also have a top notch customer service. So with all these excellent product and services, this product is undoubtedly a winner on the market. Let’s take a look on some of the features of this amazing product.

Firstly, vaporfi pulse starter kit is designed particularly for amateur as well as the pro vapors. While some may think that this starter kit is intended for the expert vapers, this is not true. This kit is in fact a pleasure to have and can be used easily even by a complete newbie. This is one of the products currently on the market that delivers the claim of a high quality e-cig.

The starter kit comes with 3.7 volt batteries, two 750 mAh, two premium cartomizers, cordless circular charger, one wall charging adapter and one USB charging cable. The cartomizers can be filled easily while the batteries provide a digital screen with a puff count display.

The cartomizers which comes with the Vaporfi pulse can hold 2.5 ml. of e-liquid. In order to fill the cartomizer, we need to pour the e-juice till it reaches the fill mark by unscrewing the tip. Once this is done, we can screw the drip-tip back and attach the cartomizer with the battery and let it remain for a few minutes.

The extended battery life of this vaporfi pulse is one of the outstanding features of this device. It battery utilizes a 5 click on and off function. Its hibernating feature helps in maximizing the battery life. To get more information please visit

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