Melbourne, Australia; 23, February 2015: In an age where more and more shopping is done online, being able to drive traffic and bring new visitors through the Internet is a crucial skill. Google AdWords is the leader in pay per click advertising, a method of paying for each click of an ad someone makes before going to your website. “AdWords is a fascinating tool. It’s the most scientific way of testing demand because every dollar you invest has to make you at least one dollar back for it to at least break even,” says Johnson Kee, producer of “How To Choose Profitable Keywords With Google AdWords”.

Google AdWords is a misunderstood tool, but that’s because people don’t have a strong understanding of how effective marketing should work. Nowadays, a lot of people adopt the “spray and pray” approach. You blast out a message to a big group of people without much consideration for who they are, what keeps them awake at night and what they’re passionate about. This approach is doomed to fail on Google AdWords. “AdWords lets to delve deeply into what makes people tick. If they click, you’ve written something that speaks to a deeper part of them. They feel understood by your short ad,” says Kee.

The psychology of each keyword you choose to rank for in Google AdWords is one piece of the puzzle. Another one is the search volume. Kee talks about the “spectrum” on which keywords are chosen. On one end, you have keywords that are specific and speak directly to people but aren’t searched by a lot of people. On the other end, you have one- or two-word phrases that are more generic that have the volume but don’t necessarily encapsulate a specific problem. Rather, there is a mixture of people looking for different things.

“The key is to find that sweet spot, right in between the two,” explains Kee, “find keywords that people are typing in which aim at a specific pain point. These keywords should also have reasonable volume for you to bid on them.” A lot of the time, you can think of these keywords by using common sense (and research), but Google’s Keyword Planner is a great way to learn google adwords, more about what people are typing in and consequently, what you should considering targeting.

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