For years you've been performing the same exercises and now imagine your frustration if you found out you'd been doing them wrong. Think of the person injured while performing an exercise incorrectly because of bad information. People go through these real situations all the time. You need to be sure the information you're using comes from experts or other credible sources. Your health depends it and bad information is rampant. The following information on health and fitness is solid.

Another myth is that using an ab machine and doing crunches will help rid you of the fat in your midsection, it is amazing what people will say to get you to try something. The late night infomercials seem to imply that you can lose belly fat if you use some whiz-bang ab blaster-dissolver vaporizer thing. Belly fat equals body fat. Once you lose enough fat you will see your ab muscles.

The only way to really benefit is to work your muscles until they are sore but not painful. Losing weight does not mean beating yourself up or causing yourself serious injury which makes the above statement completely false. There is of course a difference between having a good workout and being in serious pain. If it hurts don't do it, it the best rule to follow in relation to workout pain and soreness that does not subside in a reasonable amount of time. An injury can only get worse if you don't stop.

The myth we hear most is "I don't have time to exercise. All that you need is ten to twenty minutes a couple days a week. Then if you can, thirty minutes on the weekend which is better than nothing. Take your kids for a walk, use your work breaks to snag a little more time. You can go for a brisk walk during your lunch hour or break. You can take ten minutes and jump a rope, and you can do that in your apartment or house. Everyone has ten minutes, three times a week.

You may have some good health and fitness advise of your own. If you are ever in doubt about something you hear, then the best thing is to suspend belief until you find enough credible information that either supports it or not.

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