You've got a huge project coming up and don't know how you'll manage to meet the deadline with your existing team of employees. What do you do? You could hire new employees to expand your team, but will you be able to keep them busy after the project is complete? Can you afford the costs of hiring and training new team members, and how will you find the right people in time? Traditional temp agencies could help, but again, there is usually a lengthy search process involved with finding the right temps.

What's a business to do? Look to the clouds!

At any given moment of the day, there are thousands of cloud employees looking for work who are ready to begin providing services to assist with projects right away. Read on to learn more about the cloud based workforce, what it is and how it works.

What Is a Remote Workforce?

A remote workforce or cloud based workforce is a team of employees that works from their own homes on projects for a company. Cloud based employees receive their assignments and typically communicate with companies through email and websites that match employers with remote employees, but some will also communicate via Skype and other online forms of communication. Remote workforce personnel are not actually employed by a company. Instead, they work as freelancers or independent contractors, performing work on a single project. When the project is completed, they may be offered additional work, or the relationship may end, depending on the company's needs.

Benefits of Cloud Employees

There are a number of benefits to using a remote workforce, including:

- A Large Number of Potential Workers. Roughly one-third of all Americans are now independent contractors, and many of these individuals obtain work through cloud based workforce websites. There are also millions of people outside the US who use remote workforce sites, giving you a large pool of prospective workers.

- Low Cost. Most sites that help you find cloud based employees require contractors to bid, allowing companies to get short-term labor for a low price. Employers are also spared the expense of having to pay benefits, social security and other costs associated with employees.

- Speed. Many cloud employees are available for work immediately, allowing companies to immediately get the help they need completing work.

- Flexibility. With a remote workforce, you can have employees working around the clock for you, completing assignments that are time sensitive.

Finding a Cloud Based Workforce

To find cloud employees, you only need to look online. A quick Internet search reveals dozens of sites that have remote workforce employees looking for work. O-Desk and Elance are two of the most popular sites for finding cloud based employees, but there are many others out there as well. You can get signed up for an account quickly, post a job and have dozens of applicants to choose from in just a few hours, so you can quickly get the support you need to get that project underway and completed in time for your deadline.

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