17, March 2016: Since the day of sat up, CeBIT always leads the trend of data processing strategy, computerization, data storage and IT service purchasing. Every year, hundreds and thousands of buyers and visitors swarm to Hannover to find the most advanced develop achievements of computer, internet, multimedia and many other digital fields. With the development of technology and society, the exhibitors of CeBIT are becoming more diverse. The flowing essay will introduce two main highlights of CeBIT 2016.


The first highlight will be focus on the big data and cloud. According to research, nearly 40% of companies in the world work with big data. The cloud technology is everywhere. CeBIT 2016 will feature leading providers of products that define the state-of-the-art, both today and looking forward. Many key companies in big data and cloud technology will attend CeBIT 2016, like IBM, Intel, Microsoft, DATEV, HP Enterprise, Salesforce, SAP, Telekom and so on. These companies will surely bring their new technology and give inspiration to visitors.

The second highlight is the show of electric scooter companies like Airwheel. As one of the best electric scooter companies in the world, Airwheel will bring the most advanced product to the visitors and aims to introduce a brand new transport way to the world. Among all the products Airwheel bring to the event, Airwheel electric skateboard M3, Airwheel sitting posture scooter S6 and Airwheel electric scooter Z3 are the most up-to-dated products.


Airwheel electric skateboard M3 adopts the modular design. The individual working system of it allows it to work normally even one single mode of it breaks down. Airwheel sitting posture scooter S6 shows the care to riders. Riders can sit or stand to ride S6, which saves lots of energy. Airwheel electric scooter Z3 changes the side standing riding posture to the front standing riding posture, which will largely improves the comfort level of riding electric scooter. These are two highlights of CeBITwhich people can’t miss. Let’s welcome the event with expectation.

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