07, August 2015: Nowadays, traffic jam becomes increasingly common and aggravated, which is a main cause for hard daily transport. When traffic jam is inevitable, how can people make their journeys convenient? It is recommended to ride an Airwheel scooter for commuting. Airwheel intelligent scooter, as a green and eco-friendly means of transport, is a good option for convenient commuting. Users will have a nice trip with an Airwheel scooter. Next, two members of Airwheel will be introduced.

The first model to be introduced is Airwheel S3 intelligent balancing scooter. It is a vogue two-wheeled scooter launched by Airwheel, a famous balancing scooter manufacture at home. Its unique two-wheeled design differentiates Airwheel S3 intelligent balancing scooter from other similar means of transport to be popular with users. In terms of performance, Airwheel S3 intelligent balancing scooter is electrically driven instead of burning gasoline or generating any emissions. Additionally, Airwheel S3 two-wheeled scooter is small in size and weighs only 22.4 kilograms, users can carry it out since both men and women can lift it up.


The second model is Airwheel S3T intelligent scooter. It is quite a means of transport. Equipped with imported Sony batteries which is powerful andcan be recharged for 1800 or more cycles, it can carry users here and there with sufficient power. Furthermore, Airwheel S3T intelligent can carry a maximum load of 120 kilograms and travel at 18km/h at most. It can cover 15-65 kilometers (depends onload weight). Also, Airwheel S3T intelligent self-balancing scooter is designed with a 4-inch large display and dual protection plate for batteries. With high-end configuration and strong performance, S3T wins so many fans within a short time after it is launched.


In addition to serving as means of transport, users can also do exercises on Airwheel self-balancing scooter. As is known to scooter lovers, a scooter is controlled through the center of gravity. One may lean forward and backward or tilt to make the scooter move forward, stop or make turns. In this case, users can get their spines and muscles exercised.

With Airwheel intelligent balancing scooter, users can thus get rid of traffic jam and other problems.

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