Khaki shorts for men have long been an American staple. Manufactured from durable cloth and featuring neutral colors, they are strong enough to wear in the yard yet may be classy enough to wear for an informal night on the town. Khaki shorts for guys will have a cuff line right at the knee level or just above it. They can feature pockets along the sides in a style known as cargo shorts; these pockets are usually the difference between a dressier short or a more casual style. The material that is used in a pair of classic khaki shorts is weightier twilled cotton, although the term khaki is also used to describe the short's color or their style as well; khaki is available in any tint from dark yellow to dark tan or brownish colors.

Most men's stores will carry a huge selection of khaki or cargo shorts for guys in numerous shades, materials and styles. For an informal look, stores such as Wal Mart are a less expensive option while a store like Macy's offers a bigger selection of dressier long khaki shorts for men.

The following is a brief list of common retailers that carry high quality khaki shorts for males, and some of the common manufacturers they feature:

-Aeropostale: This latest retailer features its own self-named brands of garments. Cargo shorts for males range from $35, however with clearance sales you can get them as low as $13 a pair.

-Old Navy For Men: Also featuring its own brands, Old Navy features high quality garments at affordable prices. Men's cargo or even khaki shorts are between $13 and $20.

-Kohls: Kohl's is a low priced shop and features a large selection with brand names like Chaps, Sonoma, Lee, Haggar, Levi's and Dockers. Based on which brand you pick, these prices can be from $14 to $65.

-Hollister For Guys: With brand names such as Embarcadero, Bay Shore and their very own Hollister brand, this on line store has khaki and cargo shorts beginning at $25.

-Target: Target offers good quality clothes at modest prices. Their collection of khaki or cargo shorts includes dENiZEN, a Levis's brand of clothing, along with Mossimo, Champion, Merona and Dickie's for men beginning at $13 and ranging upwards to $25.

-JCPenney: JCPenney is a name associated with affordability, variety and high quality. Izod, St. John's Bay, Arizona and Lee are just some of the brands of cargo and khaki shorts offered by JCPenney. Prices vary from $20 to $50.

Choosing the khaki shorts for men can be a bit confusing. With so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best shorts. Keep the following points in mind while shopping for khaki or cargo shorts to select the right pair for your needs.

1. Where will you be wearing the shorts? If you like the casual style of khaki shorts however will be wearing them out, go for a longer length with no pockets on the sides. Wear a neutral belt and a polo shirt to complete the appearance.

2. Length of the shorts certainly matters. Shorts that are too short are not stylish, while those that are too long can look awkward. Aim for a length that goes merely above or at the level of the knee.

3. Shoe choice can complete the look you want. White tennis shoes are not always a good choice for khakis, particularly not if you are trying to achieve a dressier appearance. Loafers with or without socks are a good choice of footwear to wear with khakis, as are earth toned flip-flops or sneakers.

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