Whether you have in mind to build a new home on a wide or narrow lot, the basic steps are practically the same. Learn what to expect and how to plan a new build.

First of all, you should know that it’s a lot easier to have the land where you want to build a new home and then search for an appropriate home design, than the other way around. The land width will also determine whether you could opt for a wide or narrow lot home. You can decide for a pre-established home design or a customized home plan. However, you will need to contact a site supervisor to tell you how feasible your plan is, to conduct a detailed assessment and then receive itemized quotations from building consultants. It’s very important to arrange meetings with highly reputable builders who can offer you guidance and expertise from the beginning until the completion of the project.

When you are determined to build a new home you must know what budget you can allocate for the project. If you are restricted by the size of your property you can browse through your options for building a narrow lot home. If you have enough land, you can establish other priorities when selecting among one or two story home plans. You should work with builders who are located in your area and are well informed on updated building codes and regulations.

If possible, you should obtain written quotations and then compare your options. Once you choose the builder you want to assign with your project, you should be very careful with establishing all the terms and conditions that will be included in the contract signed by both parts. In the contract it must be mentioned all the variations you want to bring to the design, the deadline for finalizing and the total cost. Your building consultant will then proceed with all the legal paperwork and obtain all the approvals necessary for starting the construction. Work is set to commence after legal approval is obtained.

You are recommended to dedicate sufficient time to evaluating builders and the home deigns they promote. All builders who are very proud of their previous work enable potential clients to have a look at their completed projects. There are a multitude of options for building a wide or narrow lot home, so make sure you choose a design that best suits your accommodating needs, preferences and budget. You can benefit from discounts, special offers, ready to live in packages, customizable features and bonuses. Allow yourself the time to get familiar with top rated builders, assess their previous work, and carefully analyze your options.

So, enjoy your online browsing and better document the topic of building new homes. Explore the costs variations, the designs available with one or two story homes, the solutions to optimize every property inch and build a dream home with serious builders!


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