There are a few formal and semi-formal outfits that have branched off from the traditional styles and designs and created a class for themselves. Including in these is the seersucker suit, one of the most iconic designs that are available now. This apparel enjoyed rather little popularity for many years, but they have now come back, allowing men to once again enjoy these unique pieces of clothing. For men that are ready to take a notable step away from some of the most common formal and semi-formal wear, here is a quick look at exactly what these outfits are and some of the things to look for when making this purchase.

Seersucker directly refers to the type of fabric and stitching of an outfit. This includes a puckered, cotton blend that is very lightweight. Although this term technically means the type of stitching and blend of the fabric, these outfits have also become synonymous with subtle vertical striping on the jacket as well as the pants. Most individuals will recognize this as a white jacket with blue or off-white stripes, but this apparel can come in almost any color or over cut of an outfit.

There are a few major benefits of seersucker suits, starting with their price and comfort. The cotton blend and stitching makes these outfits very lightweight. They also breathe extremely well in the warm summer months. This is why these outfits are often worn during less formal, daytime events.

As with most suits, there are a few key points to keep in mind when looking for the perfect seersucker suit, and this starts with the fitting. Seersucker suits are already quite dramatic and eye-catching when compared to basic suits with solid colors. This means that an ill fit, whether it is too baggy or too tight, will look very awkward. Men should re-take all of their measurements in order to buy an outfit that fits snugly, but not uncomfortably.

For men that are in fact wearing these suits to less formal events, there will be much more options when it comes to the accessories and overall feel of the ensemble. One of the most common options will come down to brown shoes or those that are more brightly colored. Many times, it will also be appropriate to do away with the tie and stick to a solid dress t-shirt. It is essential to keep the tie, shoes, and shirt as basic as possible, allowing the seersucker design on the pants and jackets to remain the primary style.

For men that are ready to finally change up their wardrobe and steer away from traditional outfits, Seersucker suits remain a great option for warm summer days and exciting outdoor events.

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