(Free Press Release) Wendy Faith Laymon attended a little country school in the sand hills of Nebraska. She graduated in the top 3 of her class. She loved school and loved to study. Algebra was her favorite class. She attended the same school from Kindergarten all the way through her senior year of high school.

In grade school she would invite all of her friends to go to church with her. Wendy Laymon had awesome parents that would leave early for church to pick up her friends to take them to church with them on Sunday. Wendy Laymon was also a member of Awana, a Bible memory and study group. She loved to study her Bible verses and would spend extra time memorizing. She earned every trophy available from the Awana program.

After high school Wendy Laymon attended a Baptist Bible college in Denver, Colorado. Then went on to attend a college in Dallas, Texas. She was preparing for Medical school. Her plans were to go on to a career in the Medical field. College was a challenge and she studied hard. Wendy Laymon was in the top percentile in the science classes including chemistry and physics and biology. She met the challenge and came out with a 3.6 grade point average.

Wendy Faith Laymon decided not to attend Medical school but was side tracked raising her daughter. Her daughter is now going to attend Medical School. She has two children, a daughter going to med school and a son that is an evangelist. Both are awesome and very intelligent.

Wendy Laymon moved to Missouri to be closer to her daughter who was attending college in Missouri. Wendy decided that Missouri is beautiful and would settle here and bought a home and started a new business. She decided to start a professional kennel. After much research she decided on French bulldogs. What fun. They are such a fantastic little dog and love everyone. They are little clowns. Wendy Laymon soon became the most respected french bulldog breeder in Missouri, raising top of the line champion french bulldogs. Wendy Faith Laymon has the most up to date cleanest kennel I have ever seen and is very professional. She is state licensed and inspected and the inspectors speak very highly of her. The Humane Society says she is the nicest kennel in the state.

Wendy Faith Laymon attends and is a member of a Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri where she is active in the mission's department. She has attend this church for 5 years and has many close friends that attend there also. Wendy Laymon plans to stay in Missouri because she has so many close friends there. She spends her leisure time ballroom dancing, horseback riding, running, and gardening. She spends several nights a week enhancing her skills at ballroom dancing. She hopes some day to teach others the skill of dancing. Ballroom dancing includes Tango, Waltz, cha-cha, swing, rumba and other Latin dances. Wendy Laymon has a great flourishing business and super great friends and loves he challenge of life. God is good!! He has blessed her life to overflowing.