UK - In 1913, Prada founded their first boutique in Milan, Italy. The fashion and high-quality handbags, luggage, leather accessories and other products which made by the founder Mario Prada had been widely favored by Royal family and upper classes of society. Today, with the development of this brand, the products from Prada such as Prada bags are not only the luxury for rich people or upper class of society but also are the fashionable commodities for all people worldwide especially for women. No matter how widely promoting for this luxury brand, the cost for purchasing a Prada bag should be several month salary of woman. In that case, each beauty should pay more attention to the maintaining for their lovely Prada handbag. Today, the sales managers from which is the best online seller for discount Prada bags will teach with people these factors.

If people¡¯s hand often easily have large amount of sweat, they should be best using their arm or shoulder to carry the Luxury Prada bags otherwise the sweat will easily leave sweat stains on the surface of the Prada bags. This point should be particularly cared about in the summer season because people will easily generate sweat in this season.

If people want to put something sharply into the Prada bag, they should pay more attention prada bags to put these sharply thing together into complete package. Some most sharply things which would easily cut or break the bags should be avoided to putting into the bag. Furthermore, the heavy items should be also avoided otherwise the luxury Prada bags would be deformed.3

Do not affix labels or adhere tape on the surface of the Prada leather handbag. The stick label would be likely to result in the ripping off of the leather surface. In order to protect the surface the leather, people should also try to avoid frequent friction between the leather material and the denim fabric clothes. On the other hand, the frequently friction will also easily to cause into the staining phenomenon.

The other important factor should be that the rainy and snowy weather should be the nightmare of the Prada bags because the largely contacting with water would be very difficult for people to manage and the cortex of the leather bag will become more and more harden. In that case, people should try their best to avoiding the using for class turn fur, matte leather, suede leather skin and other kinds of leather handbags in the special weather condition such as rainy and snowy day. Hope each beautiful woman who has Prada bags remember this point.

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