San Fernando Valley remains one of America’s most frequented earthquake regions. Although statistics report that the number of deaths remain minimal to negligent, the damage caused to property cannot be ignored. Weinstein Retrofitting Systems has become a household name in and around the area of Southern California for the cost effective repairs it delivers to homeowners.

Southern California is home to one of the most varied structural developments in the country. It has proven to be quite difficult for any average Earthquake Retrofittingcompany to cater to all the needs and requirements of the different houses in the area. Amidst all the deficiency, the Weinstein Retrofitting Systems has managed to stand tall for its wide range of expertise that ranges from one story family residences right through huge quadruple complexes and massive commercial buildings.

 Itzcik Weinstein, the Owner and President of The Weinstein Construction Corporation, states that most houses built during and before the early 1980s need to be properly earthquake proofed. Most of the buildings of that time lack in features that protects it from earthquakes. With an efficient team of high level expertise, the company can easily offer foundation repairservices even to huge commercial buildings. One of the major threats to residents of South California today remains weak garage buildings. Most of the time, homeowners do not retrofit their garages and outdoor sheds because of the fact that they do not live there. A major earthquake could easily slide such a structure, causing instant death to anyone inside it.

 The damage to the garage could also mean it will damage the vehicle inside it thereby causing huge loss to expensive property. Basic things like reinforcing the big garage door by a stronger steel frame and/or securing the side walls around the garage can go a long way in saving it from any form of damage. For more information please go to


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