Weightloss-stories.com has just published a new article about 3 very interesting before and after weight loss photos and stories

The owner of the website, HJ, to create this new article, because she wanted to inspire women all over the world and let them understand that weight loss in a fast wa is possible and doable quite easy.

She chose 3 women who are very different from each other because this way a bigger number of women will identify with these 3 and will think that losing a lot of weight fast and becoming very hot and sexy can be possible even for a really overweight woman.

The 1st story and before and after weight loss stories belongs to Jess, a woman who has been overweight for all her life. She was so fat while she was young that no guys have ever aproce her. Her 1st boyfriend was at the age of 26, and she was a virgin. Because this guy dumped her for being too fat, she decided to start losing weight, and with the help of HJ she managed to lose all the extra 95 pounds in 2 years. Now she is sexier than 98% of the women who live in US.

She even works at Victoria’s Secret as a regional manager, and because she is so hot, she was even proposed the job of a model.

The 2nd weight loss story belongs to Keri. She was very much in love with a guy who completely lost all attraction he had for her because she gained 30 pounds. She was already overweight when she got married, and after a few years of marriage, she realized that she is 65 pounds overweight when hr husband told her that he is leaving her for a skinnier woman.

She first decided to lose all that extra fat because she wanted to get his ex back, and she decided to lose at least 2 pounds every week. She met HJ in a conference about women’s mentality in NY and after a short talk, Keri realized that she can lose 5 pounds per week easily. She lost all that extra weight in about one year.

Her before and after weight loss photo is by far one of the best ones ever because she is not incredibly sexy. She has completely forgotten about her ex husband and she is now married with a doctor. She is really happy right now.

For the women that want to read the 3rd weight loss story, here is the link of the article so that all women can go ahead and read the story. http://weightloss-stories.com/successful-weight-loss-stories/

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