Week Calendar, providing 10 million users the best calendar experience on iOS, is ready to compete with Doodle and Meekan by introducing a brand new, remarkable platform – Week Calendar Planner for iOS, Android and Web. This groundbreaking planning app is set to release on February 3, 2015. With Week Calendar Planner, group meeting has never been easier, faster and more enjoyable.

For business owners, having a reliable and easy to use planner is vital to plan meetings and schedule business conferences with ease. Friends and family users want to organize a night out without a lot of hassle to actually plan a meeting with their participants. Week Calendar solves this problem by introducing a powerful, user-friendly and easy planner app — Week Calendar Planner —.
“The two most important functionalities of the digital calendar are the overview and scheduling of events. Week Calendar is the most successful mobile calendar app worldwide and famous for its many views and wants to differentiate by providing the perfect group scheduling functionality,” says David van Brakel, CEO Week Calendar.

Scheduling an event often requires many phone calls and emails to multiple people in order to establish a suitable date and location. Week Calendar’s new introduced platform, Week Calendar Planner takes away this hassle by allowing users to create an event, select possible dates, locations and invite a group of participants. By releasing it for iOS, Android and Web, it gives the users the possibility to use their own preferred device to plan a meeting anytime and anywhere they want.

Week Calendar chooses to first launch the scheduling app, Week Calendar Planner separately and will integrate the functionality right after within the Week Calendar app. With this new scheduling functionality, Week Calendar will create the highest level of calendar experience and will set a target of 50 million active users in 2016.

At the moment, Week Calendar is preparing an investment round of $ 5 million to grow their active user base, increase their in-app subscriptions and bring more targeted advertising partners.

Week Calendar Planner is available for free as a separate app for iOS and Android. It’s also available for web.

Week Calendar Planner for iOS    https://itunes.apple.com/app/id950316946

Week Calendar Planner for Android    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Weekcal.WeekCalPlanner

Week Calendar Planner for Web    http://www.weekcal.com

Follow this link to download media (images) related to Week Calendar Planner: http://goo.gl/6FlRUL

Note to editors
Week Calendar
The calendar app is available in 24 different languages and has earned a top-10 productivity spot in numerous countries. Originally, Week Calendar was developed to provide a week view that was missing from the 3-day view the default iPhone calendar app offered.

Website: www.weekcal.com


“Everything is very intuitive, it feels like you’re using iCal or Google Calendar but in a way that’s suited for your iPhone. Basically, it has the elegance of a minimal calendar app while still retaining a very respectable set of features” – Lifehacker.com
“In closing I want to reiterate that this is one of, if not the best, calendar applications I have ever used.” – iSource.com

Contact: Stevan Annink
      [email protected]
Company: Week Calendar B.V.
Website: http://weekcal.com/
Address: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Phone#: +31 6 186 46 838