SassyWeb ( is a “small web design
company based in Sydney concerned with making the Internet prettier.” It is into website design and development, search engine optimization, and implementation of custom e-Commerce solutions.

This creative design agency works hand in hand with its clients to help deliver real, tangible benefits to their businesses via the Internet. Sassy Web provides website design and development, web maintenance and online marketing from its design studio in Sydney.
“If it‘s anything to do with the web,” says Chris, SassyWeb‘s Creative Director, “then it‘s to do with us.”
This Australia based website development agency is a success internationally as it helps its clients take “one step further.”
It has more than 11 years of commercial experience in web design, web development, e-commerce development, and deployment of interactive communication channels.
“We are expanding,” says its spokesperson, “and right now we are servicing customers not only in Sydney but also in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.”
Talking about website development, its spokesperson further added, “We create beautiful, modern and search friendly websites for our clients.”
Its professional website design services are available at a very affordable price tag. From site creation to e-commerce, to web design, to developing and deploying online face, and opening channels of interactive communication, Sassy Web develops an attractive and effective website, whether it is for business or for an individual.
It creates a clean, modern, reliable, fast loading, search engine friendly web design that is aesthetically pleasing to boot. It believes that a nicely designed website can improve the client‘s conversion sales by an incredible 80%.
For those who are into e-commerce, SassyWeb offers e-commerce package to its clients that is designed to run smoothly, look great, and inspire confidence in the clients‘ customers.
Speaking about its e-commerce solutions, its spokesperson says, “You can sell any product you like, complete with inventory management, product attributes, and size and weight for shipping.”
Its software can be easily customized and redesigned. The client does not need to waste time and money building a complete system from the ground up. Its software gives the owners of the business a simple way to edit their websites.
“In fact,” says its spokesperson, “if you can use a word processor, you can edit your own website without a programmer or any requirement for special tools.”
The search engine optimization services which SassyWeb offers can help rank the clients‘ websites in the Top 10 Google key-phrases based search results.
SassyWeb is a hosted application. The client needs not set up servers or install updates or patches. All the client needs to do is to use any web browser to log in and manage its business from any place in the world.
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