Are you looking forward to the onslaught of red roses, teddy bears and chocolate boxes, you might feel a little shade of Grey.

When Jackson’s girlfriend hinted at what plans he had in mind for Valentines day, especially when this year it falls on a Saturday, he knew it be the same boring red roses as last year.  

“I thought I would do something different, like the main character in 50 Shades of Gray. The lead charter in the movie, Christian says “I don’t do Romance”, well that’s me too! say’s Jackson.

“In 50 Shades of Gray, Christian whisks Anastasia away into the sky for the experience of a lifetime. So I thought I would see what’s involved organising our very own charter flight” says Jackson. “The romantic weekend away would be surprise enough, but if it could contain a little adventure getting there, then it would be even better and even more memorable”

It turns out that organising a flight in a small plane with your very own personal pilot isn’t that difficult to do, and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Robert Brus from FlyAnywhere “The FlyAnywhere website lets travellers compare prices and availability for small planes and helicopters. Most of all, it gives you a response directly from the pilots and aviation businesses”. “The Fly Anywhere website is easy to use, it stops all the running around and you get to compare the best prices for your budget”, says Jackson.

Joesph Pilo from Sydney Flight Charters says “how sweet would it be flying away for a sneaky weekend this Valentine’s Day. There are more than 1800 airports across Australia and using a small plane or helicopter to access them is easier than you might think”

“Working out your adventure with your very own pilot is a lot of fun and surprising Carly his girlfriend, was even better” say’s Jackson.

Jackson just may have scored himself a whole NRL season worth of boyfriend brownie points!. The romantic weekend away coupled with some adventure to get there, sure beats the standard red roses, teddy bears and chocolate boxes hands down this Valentine’s day.

If you’re planning a sneaky romantic weekend away, complete the surprise by packing her bags for her. The extra thought and attention to details will increase the surprise factor tenfold! To download your FREE “What to Pack for Her” checklist, go to:

To organise his flight Jackson used this website connects travellers to small planes and helicopters and allows them to request a quote and plan for their very own charter flight. Joseph Pilo is the Operations Manager from Sydney Flight Charter:

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