19, August 2017: Trusted Tipsters is a number one directory of verified soccer tipsters. The website follows a strict verification and validation process in order to enlist the best betting tips websites. Punters can take help of the websites and their betting tips to improve their winning chances in the football betting. According to the spokesperson of the website, they enlist genuine tipsters only and rank them according to the total tips and the winning rate.

A punter can check the complete list of the trusted tipsters at www.trustedtipsters.com. The list includes the top performing tips, betting sites, offering football betting predictions. Some of the top tipsters listed on the site are Top Win Bet, Get Safe Tips, My Smart Bets, and Football Tips Club. These websites offer a winning rate of above 75%, allowing punters to broaden their winning chances in the football betting. With over thousands of wins, these sites are trusted enough to offer successful betting predictions.

The spokesperson reveals that Trusted Tipsters has been designed to offer all knowledge and information in a single place that a punter may need to win football betting. Besides tips verification, they also provide results comparison, listing verified tipsters and also offering secure winning rates. One can check the most successful tipsters on the internet by visiting the link trustedtipsters.com. The detailed listing of the tipsters includes all valuable details, such as total tips, win rate, wins, draws, losses, general odds and number of subscribers. These details will help a person in the decision making and picking the best football betting tips website.

According to the spokesperson, these tipsters generally rely on an advanced system to learn efficiently from past results and offer winning predictions. An optimized neural network is often used to calculate top quality picks. These websites are updated on a regular basis, so that punters can take advantage of their betting tips. Trusted Tipsters lists only genuine tipsters and after a complex verification process only. This is the reason why one will be assured of getting the best soccer betting tips by visiting one of these websites, listed at www.trustedtipsters.com.

About Trusted Tipsters:

Trusted Tipsters is the number 1 directory of worldwide professional soccer tipsters. All tipsters presented on the site have gone through a complex verification and validation process so that only the best tips providers could be made available to the punters worldwide. They invite genuine tipsters with genuine results and list tipsters that complete the steps for verification.

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