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PR 24x7 Network limited the fastest progressing PR agency of India foraying Asian countries

At the first sight, the work of Public relations agencies is not understandable. Whenever a customer approaches their offices, he can not understand as to how this agency will cope up his requirements because at that time, he can not ascertain reach of agency comprising of network, out door staff/associates and more. However if through discussions, he is convinced, he obtains services of the agency who in turn, advises him to wait for results, at least a month.


PR 24x7 Network Limited is not among such agencies. It believes in quick results. It operates at the intersection of influencer management, behavior change, and narrative to create, improve, and amplify brand favorability and reputation. Agency does this through a deep understanding of how people form opinions and the social forces that "nudge" their behavior.

Ritu Rajora, Executive Director PR 24x7 Network Limited, and PR Head says “We believe that public relations are most effective when masterfully crafted stories are grounded in social science. Operating through our core practices, PR 24x7 matches the client needs with our staff expertise. The list of our clients includes some of the world’s most admired brands and institutions from diverse sectors, including automotive, health care, entertainment, politics, insurance and many more. Agency has strong own network in 19 states including 46 cities. We from foundation year 2006 have been providing following services to our clients:

Public relations through press releases, press conferences, issue management, Urdu papers, one on one

Media monitoring & Research




We during our journey of eight years have never seen our watches but involved ourselves fully to give praise worthy results to our clients.”

Atul Malikram, Director PR 24x7 Network Limited said” Building own and others’ image is our core practice and we do it. We know that it is very easy to reach a level, but equally difficult to maintain the same. We have not only gained a prestigious position but committed to maintain it by providing better services to our valuable clients. Besides PR, media monitoring & research services, we have started exclusive online press releases dissemination services.

24x7NEWSWIRE guarantees inclusion of more than 500+ News Websites, Globally, 100+ News Blogs, and Social Media Platforms. When we send press release out, it appears immediately on leading news portals. Our educational portfolio is also very rich. We through miim, provide exclusive short period courses for image management, personality development and preparatory course for entrance in IPM-IIM. We aim to provide varied services to customers, PR and IPM-IIM aspirants under one roof.”  

Unlike most public relations agencies, PR 24x7 integrates its work deeply with the other disciplines from the outset, ensuring alignment, and understanding of the brand, its ambition, and its challenges, and leveraging shared research and knowledge.

 PR 24x7 helps its clients move beyond old world corporate communications into new forms of engagement via content sharing and employee story mining. Through its award winning content experts, agency crafts the right content for the right audience segment at the right time in traditional and social/digital media. Agency with a vision to cater Asian countries will soon be foraying Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Singapore, and China. Agency with a view to provide better environment to staff is going to shift its head office premises to a more spacious premises in the commercial area of Indore city.

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