(Free Press Release) We are master of our body

Dr. Shailendra Trivedi eminent interventional cardiologist gave health tips to be away from heart disease.
Indore: 7th Jan. 2011: “Instead of cure, we must prevent heart disease. Take responsibility of your health and you will see how wonderful the world, full of joy and every thing are”.
Above mentioned extract is theme of meaningful address, made by Dr. Shailendra Trivedi, the eminent interventional cardiologist of Indore City. The Leading practitioner of city & state was speaking in a session, organized by M/s Syncom Health care ltd. Indore. This was arranged for company‘s workers & employees.
Dr. Trivedi, through his rich voice and command on the cardiac ailment subject, captured the audience. He spoke on various factors leading to heart disease, in such a simple manner that the listeners were bound to be in seats, though out the session. Dr. Trivedi stressed upon safety measures and gave tips to do away cardiac problems. He told “Generally we people avoid the common factors which prevent us, not only from heart disease but from other diseases also. We should concentrate upon our life style and avoid bad habits, such as, smoking, eating spicy or oily food, lack of exercise, intoxication etc.” He added “A man is master or doctor of his body. If he is determined, no disease can affect his body. The only simple thing is this that he should be aware of the preventive measures. Even despite all efforts, we suffer from any disease, including heart disease, there is no need to worry, go to your doctor and follow his instructions.”

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