Cornish refers to Cornwall, an English county. SEO Cornwall, or search engine optimisation Cornwall, are services offered to website owners to help them increase the availability of their website to search engines for indexing purposes and to users for the purposes of getting web traffic and getting your content out into the world wide web.

Search engine optimisation, in the most simple of terms, is things done to a website to make it easier to search for through a search engine and to help the site gain popularity. This is usually down through an individual or SEO Cornwall service that knows how search engines work and what to do to make it easy for a website to be more accessible to search engines and the public. Search engine optimisation Cornwall may involve changing the content of the site, adding to and correcting the HTML for the site, and rewarding the coding to make it more relevant to certain keywords. These changes can also help by removing blocks to the various indexing processes used by search engines.

SEO Cornwall are search engine optimisers, the title given to people who perform this service for a living. Essentially, their job is to make a website search-engine friendly and help increase the ranking of the site within the search engine. One method the search engine optimisation Cornwall uses to help with rankings is by adding more keywords that will cause it to appear in a variety of searches. For example: Someone writes an article about how to properly change a battery in a car. If they include the proper key words, it can show up for searches on “how to change a car battery”, “changing a car battery”, and “DIY car battery”.

Even though these are all different ways to search for the same thing, website owners can include keywords for all of them so that all people performing such a search will be referred to their article. One of the most common factors used by search engines in deciding the page ranking of a website is the number of incoming links it has. This refers to all of the other websites, on the entirety of the Internet, that link to that page. The more links there are to a website, the more popular it becomes and the more relevant it is considered to be. One method utilised by search engine optimisation Cornwall is to have cross linking between the pages of a website to provide more links to the most relevant information. Another method is to update the site frequently, which will cause the bots to be sent to the site to check it out for any new information, which can increase page ranking. It is important to note that certain methods are not approved by search engines and offending sites can be lower in rank or even removed from the index. These are known as black hat techniques. Conversely, white hat techniques- what SEO Cornwall mostly uses- refer to the search engine approved methods of search engine optimisation.

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