Watch the exclusive Indian Television premiere of Tai Chi Zero on MOVIES NOW



Mumbai, Kung Fu, Karate, Kick boxing, you have seen it all on MOVIES NOW and now be the first to witness Tai Chi! This December, the channel brings Hollywood fans the exclusive premiere of the biggest wildest and toughest shaolin movie-Tai Chi Zero! 


If the pace & speed of Karate awestruck you, Tai Chi will get your heart pumping like never before! If the immaculate strikes of Kung Fu defeated the bad guys, Tai Chi will shred them apart! With its frisky camerawork, eclectic scenario and playful stylization, the Chinese period action romp Tai Chi Zero is an impressive package. Catch this quick deadly art form on MOVIES NOW for the first time as it showcases on Indian Television.


Lu Chan, passionate to learn the fighting style Tai Chi arrives at the legendary Chen Village but learns this form is taught only to the locals. Watch his action packed journey when he accepts their challenge to a series of fights! Will the villagers be successful in discouraging him from learning the form or will Lu Chan win them over? Sit tight to know his fate on the 28th of December at 9pm only on MOVIES NOW!


Visually exuberant, the film was appreciated for its effects, set design and overall look. The hit went on to become the official selection for the Venice Film Festival 2012, Toronto Film Festival 2012, Busan Film Festival 2012 and won awards for the Best Action Choreography, Best Costume Design, Best Set Design and Best Visual Effects in the Hong Kong Film Awards 2012.


Directed by Stephen Fung, the film became widely popular and known for its unique and revolutionary fighting style.Don’t miss this pulsating blockbuster exclusively on MOVIES NOW on the 28th of December at 9pm!


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