Even before the pandemic, watch brands has their world turned upside down because of smartphones and smartwatches. But COVID-19 was another great challenge for watch brands. Reportedly, exports of Swiss watches were down by a third at the end of July 2020.

But how do these changes affect the average watch connoisseur? Does supply affect demand and price? Also, do these challenges have any implication on quality? Watch Review Today offers the latest and the most in-depth news and views about everything affecting the watchmaking industry.

“We don’t just offer Tissot watches reviews or Vincero reviews. There are also answers to questions from genuine watch lovers. Are Tufina watches good? What should you look for when buying an investment watch? Which watch brands are expensive but not worth the money? We even offer updates about the latest watch models,” says a spokesperson for Watch Review Today.

Watch Reviews Today also aims to educate watch lovers about genuine value. For far too long, the luxury watch industry has been dominated by Swiss brands. They have managed to keep watch prices exorbitantly high through to smart marketing and million-dollar celebrity endorsements. Gullible watch lovers fall for these marketing tricks and end up buying them. “Unfortunately, they’re not paying for quality or craftsmanship. Instead, they’re paying to help brands recuperate their marketing costs. At Watch Review Today, we aim to help watch enthusiasts choose the right brand for the right price,” he adds.

Some other brands don’t spend as much on marketing, preferring to sell through word-of-mouth publicity. These brands place much emphasis on customer service, movement quality, and component quality. Many Tufina reviews have proved this. The cost is comparatively low, but the components and movement quality are excellent.

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