As the festive period gets into full swing and Santa makes up the last of the toys on his lists, parents know all too well that new toys means that former favourites will now make there way to the bottom of the toy box unlikely to see the light of day again.

As the clear-outs begin to make way for the new stream of the latest toys and gadgets people are faced with the issue of what to do with these unwanted items. Last year over 40 million toys were thrown away, 13 million of which ended up in landfills.

Here are some handy tips for things you can do to help reduce this waste and give these unwanted items a new lease of life:

1. Give to charity
This may seem like an obvious one but there a few different ways in which you can do this. You could donate to your local shop for them to sell on or you can give directly to a children’s charity that can put them to use. Alternatively, like the example London City Waste Clearance is setting, you can get your excess bulky waste collected and they will donate any usable children’s toys to various charitys in London. Whichever way you go about it, you are reducing the waste in your home and giving a new home to a once loved family favourite.

2. Sell online or at a local event

Nowadays there are hundreds of ways to make a bit of money from unwanted items. You could go the traditional route and take your unwanted toys to a local car boot sale or school fete or get with the times and sell online through a variety of websites both nationwide and locally.

3. Recycle

Maybe not one to do in front of the kids, but if there are usable parts of old toys they can be broken up and recycled via your local authority.

4. Renew

Another option, which could be one for all the family to get involved with, is to make new toys out of old ones. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest and various family orientated websites that allow you to give life back to some tattered but still loved toys.

Just some examples of the ways in which you can clear out unwanted items in your home without having to add more to our nations landfill sites.

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