WADLINE.COM is an analytical and engagement tool for companies and customers in the fields of digital marketing, web design, and web and mobile development. The website is now open for registration.

New York — 2016-12-13 — WADLINE is a unique website.  It has aspects of a consumer review site, a peer-to-peer networking platform, and social blogging channel. The owners of WADLINE developed it as an opportunity for companies working within the IT industry to demonstrate their creativity and share their success stories with other industry professionals and potential clients.  The website goes further, however, by facilitating not only feedback but a system of acknowledgment and rewards. WADLINE invites those mobile developers, web developers, and internet marketing experts to publish their most successful or interesting projects with the knowledge that other users will review them and choose those they believe should be recognized.

“We’re truly a communication platform,” says Alexander Sonnenfeld (Wadline Corp, CEO). “We bring together companies, employees, clients, freelancers and subject matter experts into one sport where they can share their stories and experiences.” While that remains its primary purpose, WADLINE also enables potential clients to search and find companies that they believe can meet their specific needs or mission. They can search by service, technology type, budget and other factors and communicate with those individuals and companies in a real time format.  It also provides a method of data collection that enables them to publish industry-based analytics for their users to review and make use of.

The website is now open for registration and encourages companies of all sizes and types to join and begin engaging with other users.  “Our website has a lot of features that will recommend itself to small businesses, such as our spaces, list of events, and even investors. We believe that we bring something unique to the table, something a little more focused than a LinkedIn could provide,” says Alexander.

Signup is free for individual users, but companies may also want to be partners or site advertisers and receive logo space on the website and other promotional advertisements.

For more information, visit the website at: https://wadline.com/

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