(Free Press Release) “VORTEX is coming up with some dazzling array of products at Hannover Messe 2011. As you well know the Hannover Messe 2011 is expected to be world‘s leading technology trade fair and VORTEX Compressor, the Turkey-based compressor expert, involved with the fair last year and showcased innovations. We at VORTEX continue to enjoy the success as the exhibitor at the Hannover fair. We are coming up with some dazzling innovations in the area of compressor systems for Hannover Messe 2011,” shares exulted R&D manager from VORTEX

Adding more he said, “VORTEX is gearing to deliver on commitment to development of innovations, and to highlight its presence in the air compressor technology from 4th to 8th of April 2011.

VORTEX at Hannover Messe 2011 is coming up with innovations in compressor systems that suit small workshop and critical pharmaceutical industries.

The new MCV (the powerful now becomes compact) and MCVD tank-mounted silent and low-cost compressor solutions which are simple and easy-to-install plug and play type systems ideal for small workshops.

Turkey‘s first oil-free air compressor the WIS series which is a result of company‘s 3 years‘ dedicated R&D.

VORTEX VSD series rotary screw air compressors with inverter which are efficient power saving solutions. Get from the compressor systems just what you wanted.

Vortex EPT series booster compressor systems are value-for-money systems in terms of their price-performance.

The R&D manager went on to add, “VORTEX Compressor R&D focuses on bringing compressor systems that:

  • Deliver clean compressed air
  • Produce compressed air most economically
  • Are easy to maintain and reduce operational costs of establishments
  • Are environment friendly
  • Are acoustically made to give noiseless cabins.


We are pleased to go to Hannover Messe 2011 for another time to showcase our innovations to the industry enthusiasts.
Deutsche Messe
30521 Hannover

April 4th through 8th
Open times: 9am through 6pm

We are striving to become a global company the VORTEX Compressor has been systematically working through internationalization as well as expansion our sales network across the globe, we hope to get closer in proximity to our global customers further. Please get in touch with VORTEX team at the Hannover Messe 2011 through [email protected] You are anytime free to visit the website http://www.vortexcompressor.com. For any queries, you may call 90 312 814 45 77,” says the manager and signs off.

Known as Ankara Hamak A.S. until 1998 VORTEX Compressor has been slowly and steadily becoming a global player in the compressor system manufacturers. Having its presence in 39 countries all of the VORTEX products come with ISO 9001, GHOST, CE certifications which testify the fact of their premium quality. VORTEX products are tested according to Annex C of ISO 1217-3 standards and the company has been indulging in bringing trouble-free compressor systems for different industries.