06, September 2014: VoiBella, a Texas skincare company, has recently announced the release of its premium Vitamin C Serum for face. In order to celebrate the release of the skin care product, the company is offering a 67% discount on all sales for a limited time. Vitamin C facial serum is believed to have astonishing therapeutic qualities as far as skincare is concerned. It has the ability to reverse skin damage due to exposure to UV light, along with firming the skin with the production of collagen that delays skin-aging. 

“What’s surprising is that the topical application of vitamin C is approximately 20 times more effective than supplementation or dietary ingestion for increasing skin concentrations of the vitamin” states a company representative and skin care expert from VoiBella. “That means you get much more of this all-important vitamin to your skin’s collagen structures so they can re-build, restore and help erase wrinkles. Improved collagen also helps firm-up and smoothen your skin.” 

Vitamin C Serum for Face — The Natural Solution for Skincare 

Unlike moisturizers or Vitamin C pills, the vitamin C serum for face by VoiBella has several superior benefits. They have a lighter consistency, making them almost effortless to apply. Vitamin C facial serums can be applied after a cleanser so that they can penetrate deep down into the collagen layer of the skin in order to make it firmer and younger. 

While there are several good options in the market, VoiBella’s vitamin C serum hyaluronic acid is often considered to be one of the most premium brands by regular users. Following the release of its innovatory Vitamin C Serum for Face, VoiBella is offering a 67% discount on all sales on Amazon. 

About VoiBella: 

VoiBella is a fast growing premium beauty range by Bexill Innovations Ltd and was co-founded by Jack Coxill and Bertus Engelbrecht. The company has an FDA certified facility to ensure optimal potency and freshness. Made in the USA, VoiBella is committed to the highest formulation standards and uses only natural and organic active ingredients. For more information on the company, log on to http://voibella.com/. In order to make a purchase and avail the discount, visit http://www.amazon.com/VoiBella-Vitamin-Hyaluronic-Ferulic-Moisturizer/dp/B00LI2QYJK/ref=sr_1_56?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1408540402&sr=1-56&keywords=vitamin+c+serum

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