18, February 2015: Vitier skin care cream as being introduced during its launching in the recently held press conference, is claimed to be the only skin care product in the world that uses “matrixyl 3000″ and a proprietary age undo enzyme blends that are the ones responsible for dramatically transforming the skin from damaged and old-looking into unbelievably youthful state. 

That statement was strongly stated by Dawn Sadler of Stockton, California during her deliberation about skin care issues. Sadler is one of the top endorsers of Vitier skin care solution and there she was able to deliver the phenomenal facts of Vitier Anti Aging Cream Review. She also significantly highlighted Vitier cream’s notable skin benefits that influenced women users by storm! 

Firstly, Dawn Sadler said that Vitier advanced anti-aging cream is a very powerful and active age-defying skin care formula that mainly targets on fighting the visible signs of premature aging like age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dull and dry and many other skin problems or issues. She also added, 8 out of 10 of the skin care experts and dermatologists, recommended and endorsed Vitier skin care solution because of its very efficient and adequate anti-aging functions. 

During the press meeting, Sadler highlighted one of the most important topic about Vitier advanced formula. The distinguished and notable advantages of Vitier when being applied and deeply penetrated to the skin are as follows: 

* 29% In wrinkle depth after 30 days of use
* 81% Boost up of collagen IV synthesis after 15 days of use
* 32% Decreased furrow depth in just 28 days of use
* Plumps and firms the skin
* Looks years younger in just 7 days

Lastly, the spokesperson, more importantly spoke that there is nothing to worry about using Vitier skin care cream regularly. It is a skin care product that has an advanced and gentle formula perfect or ideal for daily use. It is determined that everyday use of Vitier face cream will keep your skin healthy, moisturized, hydrated and help preserve skin suppleness and elasticity. 

For more information of Vitier advanced face cream solution, you may visit its official webpage and find out what are in store just right for you! 

For more information about Vitier Cream, you can visit here http://skincareanti-aging.com/vitier-anti-aging-cream-review-found-something-unbelievable-advanced-wrinkle-reduction/ 

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