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Orlando, Florida — Vitamin B12 deficiency poses negative health implications, so the importance of having enough levels of it cannot be overstated. One may be able to absorb the essential vitamin with less difficulty by taking it as a Vitamin B12 liquid supplement .

Vitamin B12 is considered as one of the most complex of all vitamins. Bound to a protein, one needs sufficient levels of stomach acid and intrinsic factor for it to be released and absorbed by the body. Only bacteria possess the enzymes needed for its synthesis, but one may get it from animal-based foods because of bacteria symbiosis. Because the vitamin may only be found in animal-based foods such as beef, beef liver, shellfish, milk, and egg, individuals who follow a vegan diet are at risk of developing deficiency of the vitamin.

Besides one’s diet, there are other factors that contribute to Vitamin B12 deficiency, though. These include diseases such as atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia. Atrophic gastritis, which is very common among the elderly, impairs the stomach’s ability to produce sufficient amounts of hydrochloric needed for the absorption of the vitamin. Moreover, pernicious anemia leads to the failure of the production of intrinsic factor, which is also required for the absorption of the vitamin. The diseases commonly associated with the deficiency are anemia and permanent nerve damage. Moreover, the most common symptoms of the deficiency include fatigue, swollen tongue, tingling hands and feet, and mental confusion.

Those who are at risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency because they have difficulty absorbing it may greatly benefit from taking a Vitamin B12 supplement. As aforementioned, the vitamin is protein-bound. However, when it is taken as a dietary supplement, it is already in its free form. As such, one may have less difficulty absorbing it. One Vitamin B12 supplement that they may take is Choice Nutrition Supplements Vitamin B-12 Complex . Made in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility, consumers are assured of its quality and safety.

“I'd been receiving B-12 injections at the doctor's office for the diagnosis of fatigue and tingling in the legs. A friend suggested that I try this product and I switched to the Vitamin B-12 Complex Sublingual for convenience. I am glad I did. I really feel this has helped my energy level would highly recommend this product.” — Brenda, Choice Nutrition Supplements Vitamin B-12 Complex Customer

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