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Orlando, Florida — A lot of health experts and medical professionals are becoming alarmed with the increasing rate of people experiencing vitamin B12 deficiency. Perhaps one of the most prominent signs of vitamin B12 deficiency that many health experts are concerned with is depression. It is one of the most common predisposing factors that could lead to other various illnesses, especially since it could affect a person’s well-being, self-esteem and even his social interactions. It is strongly advised for those who are experiencing vitamin B12 to also use supplements in order to alleviate depression.

Though vitamin B12 has been known to help in addressing metabolic problems of people experiencing vitamin B12 deficiency, it could also aid in the production of nerve cells that may greatly affect brain function and even mood. Additionally, there are several studies that show that the lack of vitamins could be connected to depression. Moreover, it was observed that the respondents in a study who were depressed usually have lower levels of vitamin B12. What’s more disturbing is the fact that vitamin B12 deficiency can go unnoticed up until you experience complications associated with it. For this reason, health experts are urging people to eat foods rich in vitamin B12 and take supplements rich in vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients as well.

“It is prudent to advise all vegetarian and vegan patients, particularly if they are elderly or anticipating a pregnancy, to consume synthetic cobalamin daily, either by taking a supplement containing B12 or eating a serving of vitamin B12-fortified products.” — Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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