London, United Kingdom, 07, May 2016: Vine Resources is on a mission to recruit top-tier talent in the TMT sector. With over a decade of experience, the London-based firm only seeks out the best of the best.

Vine Recruitment

Their fresh approach to recruitment allows them to reflect the changes driven by technology. And, of course, the rise of social media. As a result, Vine Recruitment has gone from strength to strength.

Recent changes made by the company include new branding followed by a revamped website. Those updates alone help them strengthen their position as a TMT recruitment market leader.

Forward-thinking branding and stylish logo

It's no secret one of the ways customers identify with a service provider is through branding. It's vital that companies adopt the right branding to make themselves memorable.

Vine Resources have fresh new branding to achieve that goal. The style and design of their logo also make them appeal to their target market. Vine Resources are a forward-thinking recruitment company. Their new branding and logo reflect that fact.

Clean and responsive website

Both clients and candidates will visit a recruitment firm's website on a regular basis. As one can imagine, the site must lay out information in a clear and concise manner.

The second stage of Vine's refresh was to have their website completely redeveloped. The new look for the TMT recruiter features a responsive design. That means the website works and adapts well to both mobile and desktop screens.

Many people browse the Web from mobile devices rather than desktops these days. It's crucial that visitors have an easy and enjoyable experience when surfing the Web. Thanks to the recent changes, the Vine Resources website is a welcome boon to mobile users.

The structure of the site has also undergone some changes. The new layout has made it even easier for visitors to navigate the website. Both clients and candidates can get the information they need in seconds.

Vast range of client services

The new look for the Vine Resources website means clients can peruse the vast range of services on offer. Organisations want to know they can work with a recruiter that understands their needs. Vine is a firm that operates solely in the TMT sector.

Unlike many other recruiters, Vine Resources are both specialists and experts. They find top talent for industries such as IT, digital communications, technology, and more.

Some of the many expert services they provide in the TMT sector include:

* Executive searches;
* Permanent and contract recruitment;
* Managed service solutions;
* Payroll services; and
* Events.

About Vine Resources

The UK's leading recruiter in the TMT sector. Vine Resources have been finding top talent for their clients for over a decade. Boasting an array of high-profile clients, they are the go-to recruiter for the industry.

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Phone: +44 (0)7725 623232
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