Vijay in Jail, Bulbul at his rescue- disguised as a Sardar ji


The Story forward in Saam Daam Dand Bhed has been full of revelations, twists and turns. Aishwarya Khare who plays the role of Bulbul has always mastered her roles when it came to changing her avatar. Previously she donned into a 60 year old woman, where now she will be seen taking the get up of a Sardar Ji, completely changing her appearance drastically.

As per the current track on the show, Vijay (Bhanu Uday) is blamed for his brother Prabhat’s death and is behind the bars for it. Bulbul on the other end believes that Vijay is innocent and in order to bring him out of the jail, Bulbul disguises as a Sardar ji to find evidence for Vijay.

Bhanu Uday as Vijay Namdhari says, “The show is moving on a fast pace, with some curious twists. The entire set up in Jail and Bulbul disguised as Sardar will unfold interestingly in the show. We are all excited to shoot for this track.”

Aishwarya Khare as Bulbul shares, “I always love experimenting with roles. This time disguised as a Sardar ji was a fun as well as a challenging task. The pagdi that I had to wear was heavy and with my long hair, wearing it all day was tedious. But I managed to pull the role readily. Hope the audience loves my performance.”


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