Door entry systems offer a high level of security for businesses and domestic houses and thanks to technology, they continue to evolve in a great manner. The latest development in this field is represented by a door entry system that works with Internet connection through an Internet protocol, PC, tablet or phone. If you don’t have any knowledge on selecting the most appropriate door entry system, it is recommendable to consult an expert, given the fact that you’ll invest in it. VIDEX represents a leading manufacturer and supplier of access control and door entry systems, being established in 1985. Another reliable and trustworthy provider of automated systems for gates and garage doors is represented by FAAC, being specialized in: automatic doors systems, access control systems, parking systems, shutter operators, barriers, up and over door operators, swing leaf gate operators, shutter operators and gear motors designed for sliding gates.


VIDEX’s core business is represented by the manufacture, development and supply of door entry systems, providing a wide range of systems, including the vandal resistant system and the modular systems to meet the needs of public, commercial and private sectors. There are available audio kits and video kits. The audio kits can provide a high level of convenience and flexibility, offering the following features: timed lock output, coded, access, door open/busy, proximity access, ability to expend to multiple door systems, visitor information LEDs, reassurance tones and timed push to exit input. Regarding the video kits, these are available in color and mono, offering a wide variety of frame and panel styles to select from. The most important features that come areintercommunication between phones, hands-free speech and timed privacy.


It is worth knowing that FAAChas introduced hydraulics to the gate opening field in 1965 and since then, they have managed to improve this important technology, diversifying the products in order to meet people’s expectation. Therefore, the FAACautomated systems are specially designed in order to be suitable for economic and intensive use. Another aspect worth mentioning about these automated systems have introduced Safe Zone, which is a new technology that focuses on the simplicity of use and safety. As a consequence, the user will have a complete control of reversal and movement when detecting the obstacles; there will be compatibility with the existing installations without the existence of alterations; the capacity of removing the setting stop points and mechanical stops and many more.


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