Videocon Telecom initiates one of the largest employee recognition programs in India; takes more than 600 employees for a 5-day fun & frolic excursion and Bi-Annual R&R Event in Phuket, Thailand


~ An effort to reward sincere efforts and hardwork  of team, Videocon Telecom to spend over Rs 5 Cr for Bi-Annual Employee Reward & Recognition Event for FY 2015-16 ~

~ Also talked about its other engagement plans including extending National pension scheme for its employees, and management and executive development programs with leading Business schools including IIMs and IMT for its employees~


New Delhi — September 30, 2015: Videocon Telecom, the youngest telco in the country and the vibrant telecom arm of the Indian conglomerate Videocon Group has delighted its employees yet again. The telco will be flying over 600 employees from across verticals to Phuket, Thailand on Oct 2, 2105 for a 5-day fun & frolic excursion and Bi-annual Reward & Recognition event for the current financial year.


This is the second overseas employee outing Videocon Telecom is having this year. The telco took almost the same number of employees to Bangkok for its annual Reward & Recognition program for FY 2014-15 earlier in April this year. For some employees of the telco, this is the second overseas destination excursion within 6 months.


The telco will be spending over Rs 5 Cr for the event being held in Phuket, Thailand on October 5, 2015. The telco also shall be felicitating its best performers of FY 2015-16 and shall cascade its strategy for H2 of the year. Videocon Telecom which is known for its employee centric policies feels that such rewards and incentives go a long way in employee motivation and retention. The telco has been taking various initiatives for employee engagement and betterment. The company recently also announced the National Pension Scheme for its employees to inculcate the habit of saving among the employees. Among other employee engagement plans, the Videocon Telecom will also be investing in employee learning  and development. The telco plans to organise Management Development Programs(MDP) and Executive Development Programs(EDP) for its employees with leading Business schools including IIMs, IMT etc.


Mr. Arvind Bali, Director & CEO, Videocon Telecommunications Ltd. says, “At Videocon Telecom we consider employees to be the most important asset of our organisation. Ours is a highly motivated and committed team and it is important to keep the team engaged. I believe that employees are the backbone for organisational growth and Reward & Recognition initiatives go a long way in building up employee confidence in the organization. We took over 500 employees to Thailand in April, and this is the 2nd overseas destination excursion for our employees. While for many of the employees, this will be their 2nd overseas trip in 6 months, yet for most, this will be their first ever overseas visit, so you can imagine the excitement levels.”


We are also looking at other employee engagement avenues and have recently announced National pension scheme. Among other initiatives planned are on employee training and development programs with leading business schools including IIMs and IMT.


“Competition is fierce in this dynamic industry and thus we have to ensure employees are engaged and motivated to minimise attrition. We would be spending a good amount of money on various employee engagement programs, but I would call it an investment. Our endeavour is to make Videocon Telecom the best place to work in”, Mr Bali added.


About Videocon Telecom

Videocon Telecom, the next-generation GSM mobile service network is the telecom arm of the $10.7 billion Videocon Group. The company has partnered with global technology leaders to create a robust infrastructure featuring future ready mobile technologies. Powered by the most advanced GSM-2.75 G EDGE network, Videocon Telecom aims to redefine the Indian mobile telecommunications industry by leveraging a combination of the parent company’s strong brand recall and retail reach with a spirit of innovation and customer centricity. Videocon endeavours to transform the life of every Indian consumer by changing the very paradigm of the way he or she communicates.


Videocon Telecom today symbolizes the market innovations and customer offerings rooted in the demands and needs of the Indian consumer. Videocon Telecom has notched up a subscriber base of over 10.7 million subscribers within 2 years of operations, a testament to the brand’s customer focused strategy. The company has invested significantly in research and development as well as in customer service to offer consumers innovative products and a superlative experience.