Why not to earn money everytime you shop on line.

Welcome to LessForMe Your Cashback Market Place.

Every time you buy something via lessForMe.com you earn Cashback. That is the Money you just spent back in your pocket and it is absalutly free. And hear something even more amazing. You also earn cashback on a purchases made by anyone you refer to us. More you spread the world more cashback you earn.

Here it how it works:
First create your LessForme  account which is not only free you actually earn an instant 5$ as a joining bonus.
Than just sign into your account browse to over 2000 shops we have listed here: Retailers like Hotels.com, Booking.com, AliExpress everybody are here  and buy what ever you like Computers, Books, CellPhones Holidays but since you visit in retailer site via www.lessforme.com you will  get Cashback.

When you buy online  from a Shop  via LessForMe.com, they pay us a commission for that sale. The Major Part of that commision goes to your lessforme.com   account balance in "pending" status.

Once the return/cancellation period of your purchase is over, retailer pays us in the next monthly payment cycle. This could take between 4-12 weeks depending on the retailer and type of purchase. As soon as retailer pays us, your cashback becomes "Confirmed" and can be paid to you. This will give you a good reason to come back to us again and again. When you will earn 25$ In "Confirmed"  CashBack you can request Payout to your Paypal Account. Min Transaction 15$.

But it can be even better:
You can Reffer a friend and once your friend been register with your "Unique Refferal link"  you  earn instant 2$ for each friend you reffer.But It is not all: For each friend reffered by  you, You  will  earn 5% of the cash back earn by your friend. The money comes from us not of your friends earning and the big new is you will get that for Life time.Imagine How much money you can earn by refering thousands and thousands of you friends.
Just email  your "Unique refferal link to your contacts or post your "unique refferal link" to your facebook profile, Your Linkedln  profile or Twit it.  What ever you choose your friends will Thank you for that. So why wait and join LessForMe now and enjoy the saving and earning.

Website: www.lessforme.com
Submitted by: Jamie White
Email: [email protected]
New York, USA

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